Just Walk is very easy to operate . You  have to open it once and it then continues working behind the scene by updating the app icon with the percent of the distance you still have to walk. So , if you set your target to 2 miles and you covered today only one , the app icon will show 50. You can set your target in meters miles or steps. It starts to work once you press the SET button. You can then close the app and even  terminate it by swiping it out from your list of background apps.  If you decide you no longer need it you just have to enter it and press the RESET button. 

 Just Walk is not intended to give you an accurate up to a second report. It gets triggered occasionally by the iPhone operating system and each time it gets triggered it updates the display. If the operating system triggers it too often , it will disregard it and limit itself to a periodic update. Sometimes you might feel , or suspect that it froze. This can happen for instance in the mornings where the old percentage is left from the day before until you cover enough distance to start the triggering process again. You can then Refresh the display by 2 means. One is to enter the app and tap the Set button. The other is to go to your IOS Notification Centre , find one of the notifications the app left there ( the app report on certain events that occur during its run ) swipe it left and tap the “Refresh” button discovered under the notification. 

Just Walk